Tail threading:

Oreatec is producing original OreaForce belts for Foilforce1 and DoubleForce equipment. As Valmets subcontractor we have delivered since year 2009 close to 5000 belts to different positions over the world . We produce belts also for PrevoThread , PrevoLift and PrimeFeeder equipment.

Fibre preparation and transport:

We deliver tailor made solutions for the paper industry. Our main focus is in fibre preparation and typical positions are thickeners, washer and twin wire presses. We produce both synthetic and acid resistant metal wires for fibre preparation processes. Our transport belts are used in bale presses cutters and broke conveyors.

Forming fabrics:

We produce high class forming fabrics for pulp drying machines. Pulp fabrics can be ordered with all seam alternatives.

Dryer fabrics:

Oreatec has focused on very demanding positions, where both material and structure needs be cutomized to meet customer expectations.

logo title

Oreatec Ltd is a fast growing Finnish company, which is specialized in demanding industrial textiles and filters. The company's manufacturing and product development are concentrated in Finland. Own manufacturing facility also provides a framework for development and research activities. We are constantly developing new solutions that create value for our customers.


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Our location

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